Phase One

Our goal in Phase One is to teach recovery skills. This structure requires our guests to be available at Barry's House all day, every day, for approximately 30 days. During Phase One, our guests will first go through orientation. Orientation will introduce the guests to our house schedule, rules, chores and outside resources. Guests will work on Steps 1-7 in our Big Book groups held daily, Monday-Friday. Steps 1-7 teach how fear and resentment cause chaos. By learning inventory writing skills in our inventory workshops guests gain the tools necessary to help manage their lives in a more healthy way. Because a lot of work is required in Phase One, it is important to remove distractions. Guests may not have cell phones, tablets, computers or a vehicle. Depending on the case, staff may require to play a role with money management. Phase One guests may not hold a job and will be escorted by staff or Phase Two guests when leaving the property for food, outside AA meetings, gym, and house trips. Although guests are responsible for their own meals staff will help create meal plans and assist with cooking depending on guest needs.