Phase Two

Our goal in Phase Two is to put education to practice. This phase is approximately 5-7 months. With help and guidance from staff, guests will develop a plan to find employment or enroll as a full time student. Employment and school may not conflict with mandatory nightly groups on Monday-Friday (Big Book, Inventory workshops, outside AA). During Phase Two, our guests will have reached Steps 8-12. Starting life sober is frustrating. Resentment is the number one offender for relapse. When guests are given more freedom we hold inventory workshops to help address fear and resentment towards people, places and things. Amends are critical. Amends are found to be the most life changing step in the right direction. Staff assist in amends lists and healthy communication for executing a healthy amends. This process helps addicts face any wreckage that was caused with family, friends, and employers and will help educate guests to face issues in a healthy manner as opposed to hiding from them.